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Growing empathy for a peaceful world

I just discovered this group. I'm working on a documentary about Obama and empathy. I've noticed Obama was mentioned a couple of times in relation to his empathy. Here is a video I put together of him talking about empathy. I think you will be surprised at how often he talks about it.

A Chronological Video of Barack on Empathy - Compiled from about 30 of Barack's speeches and interviews, etc on the topic of empathy. ( I just found 10 more clips that I will add to Rough Cut 2, plus 10 more from Michelle Obama.)

Barack Obama and a New Spirit of Empathy (rough cut 1) (1 hr 15 min)

here's a link to more on the project.

We also have a in person and online group that meets weekly to talk about and promote empathy in our society.

more later.


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Hi Edwin
Welcome to this forum. How great to hear from you! Have just checked the video and your link to the project. I am looking forward to joining your on line group to connect up with others who are inspired by this great direction. Have you read the forum about Robin Grille's book, Parenting for a Peaceful World that is one of the key inspirations for our Foundation? I will add a link to his web site for you.
I am looking forward further dialogues.
Once again Welcome
Kind regards


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