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I am interested in the Empathy Foundation because
I am the Founding Director of the Empathy Foundation. I have come to understand that empathy grows empathy, and that the greater the human capacity for empathy the greater our ability to cooperate in creating a peaceful and sustainable world. So that's we what are working on here at the EF - practicing empathy and growing more of it in the world.

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When empathy backfires... or which kind of empathy to use when...

This link will take you to one of the many articles pointing out that empathy is not universally beneficial. Of course not! Every good thing can be used in the wrong place or the wrong way. It's good to have these explorations of the uses of empathy, and this is a useful article, definitely worth reading. I just hope that empathy doesn't get a bad press and go out of fashion!  …


Posted on January 12, 2017 at 9:30pm

Treating Addiction with Empathy Works

This excellent article about Dr Gabor Mate's work with addicts will make anyone with an interest in addiction want to read more. If you're wondering: Does addiction anything to do with me? see quotes below.

"How do you define addiction? Any behavior that is associated…


Posted on January 13, 2016 at 12:30pm

Reason, Empathy and Integration: The Anti-Fear Combination Treatment

"...reason and evidence are insufficient to combat fear. There are plenty of examples of destructive decisions that are the result of science and engineering untethered from humane values.…


Posted on January 10, 2016 at 7:00am

Learning about the Brain is so Important

Keep learning about the brain. There is new knowledge every day and it is so valuable to understand better how it works. If you have children for instance understanding about children's brains and their development is hugely…


Posted on January 8, 2016 at 5:30am

The latest news about empathy and compassion from around the world - Curated by Edwin Rutsch

Hi Empathic Folks! I just realised that I can post a link to this comprehensive Empathy News page right here! 

SImply click the link below to get a good feed of a good percentage of the empathy news around the internet. 

cheers, Alice

Empathy & Compassion News

Posted on January 11, 2014 at 1:30pm

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At 7:30pm on September 4, 2012, Erika Harris said…

Alice, thank you for your kind words, warm welcome, and for creating this important space in the world!

Your leadership, like your speaking gift, is oh-so-apparent.  We're all fortuned that you're courageously stepping into both.  And YAY, Bruce, for supporting with his video skills!  My vids have been very low-fuss... record on the embedded camera on my Macbook Pro, fiddle around with iMovie, and then upload to YouTube.  A good quality camera, as Bruce has, will make a beautiful difference for your viewers.  I can't wait!!

Oceans of love,

At 6:02pm on April 9, 2012, Chris Newland said…

Dear Alice,

Thanks for your warm comments and for the tip about Robin Grille. I will put in a link in my website to promote yours and his work.

My proposal for an initial transformation rests on three pillars, which will open the door for change activities throughout society, namely 1) the balancing of egocentric messages through company advertising, with empathic messages that promotes a long-term life-affirming society, 2) national information campaign and an organized popular movement concerning a new empathic social system 3) new core subject in school called “empathy”.

Thus, empathy in school is for me a very crucial factor. I have some youtube clips on LEARN that talk about this, for example Ken Robinson, Goldie Hawn, Carol Engler, Mary Gordon, Children full of life, and Raymond Mar.

If you like my website I will be happy if you spread the link.

All the best, 

At 2:44pm on September 11, 2011, Tatiana Schild said…

Thanks for your welcome Alice. Yes, I know Robin, I'm deeply inspired by his work.  Have attended his H2HP course and given many copies of his books away.


Here's a thread I started up which you and others here might be interested in contributing to and voting for to at the GetUp forum on banning the physical punishment of children in Australia:


I and others are posting to this thread to centralise any related info so that anyone wishing to do their own work on this cause can refer and/or contribute to it. 


My daughter is almost 4 and my son was born at home 8 weeks ago.  Parenting has transformed me, my marriage and my understanding of the world and has brought the social change activist out in me.

At 1:17am on August 1, 2011, Joakim Minerbi said…
Thank you, Alice. It's good to be here.I am looking forward to interact with other members and exchange ideas and experiences.
At 10:45am on June 3, 2011, edwin rutsch said…

hi Alice

the beginning of the project page for the Curriculum is here:

there's links to all the material on our website from the side bar on the home page.

there's this link to the curriculum project.
Empathy Curriculum

I'm just starting to set things up and will then put out a call to our 20,000 or so people that are signed up for all the various empathy causes, facebook pages, etc, to see if there are people that would like to support this effort. I'm working on how to set up a collaborative project like this and get people involved in it.  It's sort of a Empathy and compassion curriculum wiki.


If you want to search the site you can just use Google advanced search feature.




At 3:09am on June 3, 2011, edwin rutsch said…

hi Alice


I haven't heard of inner bonding.


A new project I am just starting on is to create an online empathy curriculum. I'm setting up the infrastructure for that now.  I'd like to gather all the different curriculum out there that teach empathy and compassion and combine them into a publicly available curriculum that can be continuously improved and deepened.   The first step is to list all the different approaches.  Perhaps you and your community would like to join the effort?   The first step is to list and organize the different types of programs of curriculum that foster empathy.

from a quick look,   Inner Bonding may be one of those processes,, looks like it's geared toward self-empathy.

At 2:47am on May 28, 2011, edwin rutsch said…

HI Alice

thanks for the explanation. yes. I know Jeremy, I video taped his first talk after his book came out, here's my page on him

I've been funding the work from my savings.. I do need to look into getting funding, like you say, I've got the website to the point where I have something to show now.   Getting a track record..

Yeah, we're doing community organizing, collecting material, shooting video, creating a network, creating an empathy portal, curating our Empathy Cafe Magazine, doing video interviews, building empathy causes on facebook, etc, etc. All working to build a movement for a culture of empathy. A lot to do.   

I'm trying to figure out how to collaborate effectively with others on this. How do we all work together so that the whole of our  work is greater than the sum of the parts?   One project we're starting is an online empathy curriculum.  Bring all the various modalities together into a general curriculum online that anyone can use.  That raises the question of how to do effective community group collaboration on a project like that. Motivations, tools, etc

yes, lets keep in touch, and see how we can build a culture of empathy.





Edwin Rutsch

The Center for Building a Culture of Empathy
A portal for resources and information about the values of empathy and compassion.





At 2:07am on May 26, 2011, edwin rutsch said…

HI Alice

what sort of empathy projects were you thinking of?
I also wonder about how to find more funding for this work,  any ideas?

I think the networking with empathy minded people is important so that we can build a network of people that want to promote, nurture and foster empathy in our culture and society.


what part of the county are in in?


At 9:13pm on August 2, 2009, Sofi Thomson said…
Hi Alice and the Empathy mob,
We're now in August! Not long for you to experience the Parenting Heart2Heart training with Robin!
I really love the fact that we ALL can come from the heart... not just the guru's who have studied up on this stuff! I just watched a TED video...'s so true! What ever job we do in this world, if done with empathy, it comes from a place of wisdom. Barry Schwartz says something like, 'we aren't born with wisdom, we acquire it.'

When thinking about the responsibility parents have and the difference they can make to the future generations... WOW!!! It's HUGE!!!!

I've been in parenting education now for many years. I can honestly say that since reading Parenting for a Peaceful World and Heart to Heart Parenting, which led me to facilitate 7 x 6-week Heart2Heart groups already - the EASE of 'feeling the process from my heart' has changed my mind about 'parental responsibility'. Actually, it's not in my mind any more... it's in my heart.
It gives me such a depth of satisfaction to see - not just me but our other parent facilitators and participants in our groups, move from the head to the heart.... and just love. WOW!!!! Those oxytocins are better than anything that comes from a bottle!!!
I wish you all the very best of everything you experience in Robin's training.
Much love to the WHOLE group,
from Sofi xo
At 11:30am on June 30, 2009, Lyndall Robilliard said…
Hi Alice,

Thanks for your kind comments and welcome.

The principle reference for empathy based psychoanalysis is the work of Heinz Kohut. A contemporary book, by Lee etal is "The Five Postulates" - a great way of understanding the application of the empathy based psychoanalytic process.

Thanks also for your comments on Transformational Learning Australia. Yes, we do train coaches - although presently it's a timing issue in terms of getting a training program like that up and running. Our present focus is on an empathy based program for teenagers and the development of our e-book on empathy based parenting which we're in the process of launching.

I'd be happy to put some more information on the network - and I'm looking forward to hearing more of what everyone is up to.

Finally, yes, I received an email re Robin's training via the Australian Association of Somatic Psychotherapists - and then found the link to this website. It's nice to find.

Take care

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