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When empathy backfires... or which kind of empathy to use when...

This link will take you to one of the many articles pointing out that empathy is not universally beneficial. Of course not! Every good thing can be used in the wrong place or the wrong way. It's good to have these explorations of the uses of empathy, and this is a useful article, definitely worth reading. I just hope that empathy doesn't get a bad press and go out of fashion!  …


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Treating Addiction with Empathy Works

This excellent article about Dr Gabor Mate's work with addicts will make anyone with an interest in addiction want to read more. If you're wondering: Does addiction anything to do with me? see quotes below.

"How do you define addiction? Any behavior that is associated…


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Free Play Creates Emotionally Stable Children

How Free Play Creates Emotionally Stable Children in an Unstable World …


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Reason, Empathy and Integration: The Anti-Fear Combination Treatment

"...reason and evidence are insufficient to combat fear. There are plenty of examples of destructive decisions that are the result of science and engineering untethered from humane values.…


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Learning about the Brain is so Important

Keep learning about the brain. There is new knowledge every day and it is so valuable to understand better how it works. If you have children for instance understanding about children's brains and their development is hugely…


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The latest news about empathy and compassion from around the world - Curated by Edwin Rutsch

Hi Empathic Folks! I just realised that I can post a link to this comprehensive Empathy News page right here! 

SImply click the link below to get a good feed of a good percentage of the empathy news around the internet. 

cheers, Alice

Empathy & Compassion News

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Empathy is Central to the Design School at Stanford

You'll find empathy popping up all through the Stanford Design School approach. It's "human-centred" and

 Our way of working

Edwin Rutsch of the Centre for the Culture of Empathy (who I am meeting with in an Empathy Circle every week) is integrating these design approaches into our development of the Empathy Circles and Empathy Workshop. 

You can read about the D School here:…


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Empathy in Design: Humanising Medical Technologies - ABC RN - By Design

More about empathy and design! This time in Australia

Listen here: …


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Is this one minute video an empathy masterpiece? Tell us how you see it!

Seen by some as a supreme example of languaging for empathy....... other are less moved. 

Click to go straight to the movie

One person said:

"This is a wonderful, thought-provoking, one minute clip. Full of wisdom. . . . and very brief. 

It's not a joke, it's not religious, it's not political. It's just . . .…


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Alice Aird's Recent Interview With Edwin Rutsch!

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Add your thoughts about building a Global Empathy Movement!

How can we build an empathy movement? What ideas do you have?

Contribute to the Culture of Empathy project.

On the Google doc…

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Thoughtfulness: Engaging Empathy to Build Strong Brains

Helen was playing in the sandbox in the park, when a brawl between a brother and sister broke out near her. Helen looked up from her work to see them arguing over a shovel, knocking each other to the ground. She watched intently for a while then calmly looked around, found two more shovels, and walked over to them. She handed one to the brother and the other to his sister. The fighting stopped, the girl handed Helen the shovel they had been fighting…


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Mindsight - Dan Siegel's book adds great perspectives on empathy

I've been very impressed recently by Dr Dan Siegel's work, on many levels. I've been particularly fascinated by the similarities which he spotted between the effect on the pre-frontal cortex of the brain of secure attachment and of mindfulness practices. Absolutely fascinating. I highly recommend reading his book Mindsight - very illuminating about the nature of the pre-frontal cortex, which is the neurological centre of empathy.

You'll find a review of…


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Kindred Magazine Fantastic Offer

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Centre of the Developing Child

I want to share this site called the the Centre of the Developing Child at Harvard University.  It has lots of great information, videos and interactive sections that clearly and simply explain the link between early childhood experiences and developing brain architecture of the child.  This is a site you can return to again and again as it is always being updated.  Subsrcibe to their newsletter to keep up to…


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Thank you Alice

Dear Alice,

Thanks for your warm comments and for the tip about Robin Grille. I will put in a link in my website to promote yours and his work.

My proposal for an initial transformation rests on three pillars, which will open the door for change activities throughout society, namely 1) the balancing of egocentric messages through company advertising, with empathic messages that promotes a long-term life-affirming society, 2) national information campaign and an organized…


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Huffington Post discussing the Empathic Civilisation this month Join in!

See the blog discussion about this most important book of Jeremy Rifkin's here:

Jeremy Rifkin is part of the discussion!

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Helping Baby Sleep

As new parents we know how hard it can be to settle our new baby and in many cases disturbed sleep is still a problem after many months.

Go to Sleep Safe Space for more information

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Parents' experiences of Heart to Heart Parenting - see latest courses in Events!

Here are some things parents have said about how Heart to Heart has changed their parenting experience:

  • I feel harmony just being in the house with my children these days. I’m really getting how to do this! Even when it changes, as parenting does all the time, and I find myself not knowing what to do, I come back to my heart and remember things I’ve learned and I find the next step to…

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Dr Greene Video: "Kids Do Well if They Can"


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