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July 2011 Blog Posts (6)

The Power of the Heart: Compassionate Listening in Israel and Palestine

Read this moving story about hearts connecting across the divide between Israel and Palestine.


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Parenting for a Peaceful World - watch Video

This is the video which gives the main messages of Robin Grille's seminal book Parenting for a Peaceful World. It's no substitute for reading the book though!  If this interests you do look at the book itself.  See reviews in this blog by searching on Robin Grille.

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Empathic mum: kind kids

Mothers who often take the perspective of others are more likely to encourage their children to do the same.

Children whose mothers have higher levels of empathy are more likely to adopt positive social behaviour, a new study shows.  Read more here…


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Children are your elders in universe time.....

I love this quote from Buckminster Fuller which I came across again today in Lynne Twist's wonderful book The Soul of Money:

" Remember, your children are your elders in universe time. They have come into a more complete, more evolved universe than you or I can know. We can only see that universe through their eyes."



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Good Article about Empathy for a Bullied Child

This article makes some interesting and valuable general points about what empathy is and isn't and the importance for parents to express empathy for a child experiencing bullying (seems obvious but the useful point is made that often parents move straight to problem solving and bypass empathy, yet that is what the child most needs.)…


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Why Even a Little Competition is Toxic

Cooperation trumps Competition in every way - click this link to listen to Alfie Kohn making a fantastic case with huge research backup for eliminating all competition from education, workplaces, familes and everywhere else.​=S4si1HaDmLg&feature=player_em​bedded#at=121…


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