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Free Play Creates Emotionally Stable Children

How Free Play Creates Emotionally Stable Children in an Unstable World …


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Thoughtfulness: Engaging Empathy to Build Strong Brains

Helen was playing in the sandbox in the park, when a brawl between a brother and sister broke out near her. Helen looked up from her work to see them arguing over a shovel, knocking each other to the ground. She watched intently for a while then calmly looked around, found two more shovels, and walked over to them. She handed one to the brother and the other to his sister. The fighting stopped, the girl handed Helen the shovel they had been fighting…


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Centre of the Developing Child

I want to share this site called the the Centre of the Developing Child at Harvard University.  It has lots of great information, videos and interactive sections that clearly and simply explain the link between early childhood experiences and developing brain architecture of the child.  This is a site you can return to again and again as it is always being updated.  Subsrcibe to their newsletter to keep up to…


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Helping Baby Sleep

As new parents we know how hard it can be to settle our new baby and in many cases disturbed sleep is still a problem after many months.

Go to Sleep Safe Space for more information

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Compassion and Empathy - 5 minute read

Nurturing Compassion.pdfcompassion Uruguay.pdfcompassion_rd.pdfI just received these very lovely and informative documents (2 powerpoints and 1 article) on compassion and empathy and how to grow more of these in… Continue

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Empathy and Community

I came across this short article on belonging and community. It seemed to me to also be talking about empathy in that, without empathy, it is very difficult to connect with, or to stay connected, with a community.

Peter Block - Community - Belonging.pdf

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Graphic Postcard of Brain Development!

I received this scan of a postcard Beth recently received seeking financial contribution from Berry St (formerly called Berry St Babies Home). I know you will not be surprised at this graphic illustration. When we connect with organisations like this we strengthen all our networks, we support each other and we grow the work of… Continue

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Empathy Foundation: Founder and Co-founders

Alice Aird is the original founder and inspiration behind The Empathy Foundation. A science graduate, Alice taught secondary students before raising three children, serving as a Shire councillor and training women in leadership. She lives in country Victoria on an organic property surrounded by vegetable gardens and ten acres of “apple forest”. Alice is passionately committed to working with people to feel freedom and harmony, with themselves,… Continue

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Empathy and our planet Earth: Changing the Dream Symposium

Last week Alice and I attended an amazing event called the “Changing the Dream” Symposium.

This experiential event awakened me to my sleeping empathy for our mother earth. I realised that I had put my numerous concerns and feelings about our planet’s future aside, feeling that I was powerless in the face of my own pain and my inability to really create any lasting change.

Here are some excerpts from the Changing the… Continue

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Koala Empathy

Here is another moving story about empathy and compassion across and between the species. Just click on the link below.


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Congratulations Empathy Foundation!


How beautiful it is when a new child is born! So full of hope, potential and most importantly love.

So it is with the Empathy Foundation.

About 9 months ago Alice Aird conceived an idea of wanting to help humanity to bring about a socially and ecologically sustainable, kind and loving society. She called this idea the Empathy Project and began to share it with others. From this first… Continue

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Barack Obama on Empathy

"My advice is to cultivate a sense of empathy - to put yourself in other people's shoes - to see the world from their eyes. Empathy is a quality of character that can change the world."
Barack Obama: University of Massachusetts at Boston Commencement Address 2006

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