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Empathic mum: kind kids

Mothers who often take the perspective of others are more likely to encourage their children to do the same.

Children whose mothers have higher levels of empathy are more likely to adopt positive social behaviour, a new study shows.  Read more here…


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Children are your elders in universe time.....

I love this quote from Buckminster Fuller which I came across again today in Lynne Twist's wonderful book The Soul of Money:

" Remember, your children are your elders in universe time. They have come into a more complete, more evolved universe than you or I can know. We can only see that universe through their eyes."



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Good Article about Empathy for a Bullied Child

This article makes some interesting and valuable general points about what empathy is and isn't and the importance for parents to express empathy for a child experiencing bullying (seems obvious but the useful point is made that often parents move straight to problem solving and bypass empathy, yet that is what the child most needs.)…


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Why Even a Little Competition is Toxic

Cooperation trumps Competition in every way - click this link to listen to Alfie Kohn making a fantastic case with huge research backup for eliminating all competition from education, workplaces, familes and everywhere else.​=S4si1HaDmLg&feature=player_em​bedded#at=121…


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Empathy makes the world go round

From The Age, June 26, 2011

 This is an edited extract from Zero Degrees of Empathy: A New Theory of Human Cruelty, by Simon Baron-Cohen published this week by Penguin Australia.

Simon Baron-Cohen is professor of psychology and psychiatry at Cambridge.


 The ability to see through another's eyes is a crucial human trait; we all suffer in its…


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A moving story of empathy in action, for a severely disabled 19 year old

Listen to this moving and enlightening  Radio National story about a family and friends who put their empathy into action and create a good life for their much loved Cameron. It helped me to once again put my small frustrations with daily life into perspective.

See the Radio National blurb below:

Cameron is too severely disabled for supported employment but his parents want…


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A Beautiful Letter from Japan

This letter is a welcome and uplifting contrast from the gloom and doom in the media, as my friend Claire who sent it to me wrote.

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Building a true connection with your child

Empathy Foundation Network member Deborah Grinter has written these wonderful articles about parenting through heart connection. You can find them here:



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EFT and The Sedona Method

Hale Dwosin of the Sedona Method talks with Nick Ortner, producer of the documentary film, The Tapping Solution, about a technique that "combines letting go with acupuncture" and how it compares to The Sedona Method. Hale and Nick have…


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The Social Animal

In this warm and humourous video talk from, NYTimes columnist David Brooks unpacks new insights into human nature from the cognitive sciences -- insights with massive implications for economics and politics as well as our own self-knowledge. He debunks the myth that we are separate individuals making choices based on our conscious awareness.…


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The needs of children are no different to the needs of adults. .....

"How different it would be if we were to say to each other and to children,

'We want to grow in harmony with you. What can we do?'. And at that point

the adult world, either as individuals or groups, must just sit back and

listen and feel, quietly, openly, compassionately.

The needs of children are no different to the needs of adults. .....we all

look for love, warmth, security and stability, and the searching for what is

personally meaningful and…


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Robin Grille Interview: a Re-Inspiration about Parenting with Empathy to Change the World!

Hullo to all Empathy Foundation members,…

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The Baby Bond: Meant to be Held

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The Empathic Civilisation

Bestselling author, political adviser and social and ethical

prophet Jeremy Rifkin investigates the evolution of empathy and the

profound ways that it has shaped our development and our…

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Barack Obama and a New Spirit of Empathy

A Chronological Video (1hr 49 min) of Barack on Empathy. Compiled from about 38 of Barack's speeches and interviews, etc. on the topic of empathy.

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Read this blog about empathy!

Misu is our latest Empathy Foundation Network member and her blog about empathy (Empathic Perspectives) is well worth visiting - see a great post about the Potential of Empathy here

I liked this quote at the end of that post:

Empathy is a pervasive and subtle language of the mind and heart which can be seen and felt in everything you do and say. It permeates every… Continue

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Welcoming the Pain of the Inner Child - and at last growing up!

My inner child is in pain today - and I'm glad! I have an exciting project and opportunity for the Empathy Foundation on my plate - and what happens? My old scars from school project days are stirred up and I feel the pain, loneliness, shame and sadness my 10 year old self felt when the dreaded "project" word was used. My resistance is huge - it feels far to dangerous to work on this!

At first the resistance and pain I felt about this great opportunity was incomprehensible.… Continue

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Interesting Empathy Article from

EQI Home | Emotional Intelligence


Showing Empathy

Awareness & Acknowledgment

Empathy and Sensitivity

Empathy, Understanding and Compassion

Empathy and Conscience

Too much empathy?

Empathy Deficit

Barrack Obama Quote About "Empathy Deficit"

Article on Cultivating Empathy in Children & Youth, by Dr. Arundhati Ray


Empathy and the Process of… Continue

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Charter for Compassion

I urge you to look at this new "Charter for Compassion" and add your name! See

A call to bring the world together…

The principle of compassion lies at the heart of all religious, ethical and spiritual traditions, calling us always to treat all others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Compassion impels us to work tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of our fellow creatures, to dethrone… Continue

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