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A Big Thank You to Robin Grille from Rita

Rota Johnston cc'd me in to her email to Robin after the Parenting Heart to Heart Course a few weeks ago and she generously allowed me to share her experience with you.

"Thank you Robin so much for the Parenting Heart to Heart Facilitator's training. For me it was transforming in many ways. One example is that I went to visit my 90 year old mother straight after the course. The "inner baby" experience really opened me to a really deep level of gratitude and appreciation for my mum. When I saw her and connected with her from that place I experienced a rich, deep and unconditional love for her. It was nourishing and supporting for us both … it was so great to feel so close to Mum as she nears the end of her life ….. and she felt it too … that heart to heart connection … so thank you, thank you , thank you.

I am greatly enjoying working in a child care centre and the opportunity to put in to conscious practice the Heart to Heart approach. It is so close to what I had developed in my own early childhood practice over the years, but with more! I love it. It is so great to see the children change their behaviour when I make a clear “When you …I feel …” statement. The look on their faces is amazing, a sort of look of wonder, and then mostly they listen and respond positively. I could say so much more about how I am integrating your work into the early childhood setting. I am saying to the staff “Making kids feel bad will never make them do good”

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