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Empathy is Central to the Design School at Stanford

You'll find empathy popping up all through the Stanford Design School approach. It's "human-centred" and

 Our way of working

Edwin Rutsch of the Centre for the Culture of Empathy (who I am meeting with in an Empathy Circle every week) is integrating these design approaches into our development of the Empathy Circles and Empathy Workshop. 

You can read about the D School here:

love to all, Alice

From the Design School website:

We welcome our students with a methodology for innovation that combines creative and analytical approaches, and requires collaboration across disciplines. This process—which has been called design thinking—draws on methods from engineering and design, and combines them with ideas from the arts, tools from the social sciences, and insights from the business world. Our students learn this process together, and then personalize it, internalize it, and apply it to their own challenges.

At the, we learn by doing. We don’t just ask our students to solve a problem, we ask them to define what the problem is.

Students start in the field, where they develop empathy for people they design for, uncovering real human needs they want to address. (my bolding) 

They then iterate to develop an unexpected range of possible solutions, and create rough prototypes to take back out into the field and test with real people. Our bias is toward action, followed by reflection on personal discoveries about process. Experience is measured by iteration: students run through as many cycles as they possibly can on any project. Each cycle brings stronger insights and more unexpected solutions.

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