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Growing empathy for a peaceful world

To present an inspiring vision of our individual power to create a world that works for everyone, by the constant practice of empathy.

To demonstrate that for individuals, societies and the globe there is only gain from creating an Empathic (or No-Blame) World.

To also show that wherever we are, whatever our situation, it is possible to practice empathy and create a “No-Blame World of One.”

To present why this personal journey of practicing empathy, that is, of creating a no-blame inner world of our own (by letting go of our oppositional, critical, blaming stance, of ourselves and each other) is a necessity, not an optional extra for humanity to succeed in the project of creating a peaceful and sustainable world.

To weave into this inspiring vision, the logical, scientific, evidence-based case that personal transformation towards living in an inner no-blame, peaceful world, is at least equally vital for global transformation into a sustainable, peaceful world, as is taking effective outer action to save the environment and stop wars.

To bring this message of universal empathy to as many people as possible, particularly, but not limited to, parents and teachers and all who work with the young.

To enable caring people to live and work as they have always wanted to work, through transcending social constraints and personal inhibitions and acting from the heart.

Action Plan

To create a high impact presentation (multimedia eventually) of an inspiring line of reasoning, backed by evidence, which results in:

* understanding of the connection between our own childhood experience and our personal emotional reactivity

* knowledge of the counter productive effects of emotional reactivity on our quest to create a peaceful and sustainable world

* conviction that we need to release our personal reactivity if we are to create a peaceful and sustainable world

* widespread knowledge of inner transformational tools for releasing personal reactivity which are effective, accessible and simple to practice.

* conviction about the personal and global benefits of personal inner transformational work

* readiness to practice the inner technologies to release personal reactivity, as a powerful and effective way of being the change that we want to see in the world

The following evidence and arguments would be presented

* the relationship between childhood experience and human being’s treatment of each other and the earth, in a historical context of the evolution of the treatment of children

* evidence for the need for individual and collective creativity and the negative effect of the socializing approach to children (praise and blame) on human creativity and growth and ability to collaborate effectively in creative teamwork

* simple summary of well established psychological understanding of the emotional needs of young children

* the proven effect on their structural neurology of children’s emotional needs not being met.

* the proven effects of stunted “emotional brain” growth on the ability of future adults to have empathy for people and nature

* the inevitable consequences of stunted empathic centres of the brain on the leaders we choose, the way we treat each other and kind of societies we live in

* that depending on the level of damage, growth of emotional intelligence is possible to a greater or lesser extent throughout life.

* that being treated with empathy is the primary factor that supports the growth of the empathic capacity in the brain

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