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Exciting ideas are coming to me for ways of operating the Empathy Foundation so as to ignite an Empathy Revolution!

I would love YOU to join the discussion. Lets be as way out and whacky as we like to let the ideas grow and evolve.

To join in this creative and expansive process, first watch these wonderful, inspiring and stimulating talks at the links just below, then comment if you have any bright idea pop up about our work at the EF.

The Talks!

(1) Seth Godin on the Tribes We Lead

How Social Media Can Make History

(3) Clay Shirky on institutions vs. collaboration

One action that has been stimulated by these talks is to ask all the participants in the Parenting Heart to Heart Facilitators Course to join a dedicated Group on the EF network. This is to enable easy interaction between the participants and the creator of this heart2heart parenting program, Robin Grille and between each other. This is an experiment in social networking for the acceleration of the Empathic Parenting movement.

Do you realize that with 20 people, the number of one-one relationships is 400?! Once everyone joins we will be able to interact easily via this group and more effective communication between these like-minded passionate advocates of empathic parenting will accelerate the growth of this movement for a more peaceful and sustainable world.

Watch this space for progress reports!

And please any thoughts that pop up just post them - no need for elaboration - just drop your idea into the mix and let it grow! Watch talk (3) above to understand how important your single idea might be!

warm regards, Alice

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