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Learn to Facilitate Parenting that can Change the Future of Humanity

Parenting Heart to Heart Facilitator’s Training


“A Parenting Course that can change the Future of Humanity”

Be a catalyst for coming generations of children to grow into active creators of a fair, peaceful and sustainable world.

Learn to facilitate a parenting course that helps parents connect from the heart with their children.

This facilitator training is for all people who know about the crucial importance of how we treat children and who care deeply about humanity’s future. It allows people who work with children and families to bring real change to their client group.

This transformational course:

• Changes our paradigms about humanity’s treatment of children,

• Re-connects us deeply, in a gentle, loving way with the primary source of empathy for children – our own personal childhood history and childhood emotions,

• Empowers empathy for ourselves, all children and their parents,

• Gives leading edge developmental neuro-psychology, and new understandings about healthy attachment and healthy differentiation,

• Trains in practical skills for helping parents and families to find more pleasure and fulfillment in their relationships.


To find out more and to register please download the flyer from the link above and call Alice Aird for more information about how this training can benefit you and your work for a peaceful world for all.

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