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Learning about the Brain is so Important

Keep learning about the brain. There is new knowledge every day and it is so valuable to understand better how it works. If you have children for instance understanding about children's brains and their development is hugely valuable. Children need the help of adults to learn to regulate their brains, until they learn to do it themselves. Many parents don't understand that children's brains are immature and they are unable to behave like adults. Many adults didn't get the help they needed as children, and so have lasting problems with brain regulation as adults, which can come out in fighting and even violence. That's where most bad  behaviour of adults comes from, through not having their needs met as children, and not learning how to regulate themselves as a result. I love to inform people of this new knowledge, as it makes such a difference to know about it. I think we are so lucky to live in times where we have the opportunity to express our love with skill based on knowledge, and to truly support each others and our own growth

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