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Here are some things parents have said about how Heart to Heart has changed their parenting experience:

  • I feel harmony just being in the house with my children these days. I’m really getting how to do this! Even when it changes, as parenting does all the time, and I find myself not knowing what to do, I come back to my heart and remember things I’ve learned and I find the next step to take.
  • I trust myself more and the kids trust me more so things settle down again more quickly. 
  • I can see when I’m connected much better now and when something I do is disconnecting our hearts. I feel it and it helps me to stop and make a choice. Sometimes I only see it later. I’m observing and reflecting more and gradually learning other ways to act from my habitual ones.
  • It’s quite thrilling when I’m able to be present and patient and stay loving and strong through a challenging incident with my toddler. It’s making parenting more interesting and enjoyable.
  • I’m more compassionate and patient with myself and the children. I feel more warmth in my heart for all of us as learners, that we’re growing and it’s OK to be the way we are at this moment.
  • When I truly listen from the heart and speak authentically I see the kids relax and open up like flowers and that moves my heart so much.


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