The Empathy Foundation Network

Growing empathy for a peaceful world

To catalyse the growth of greater capacity for loving relationships in all people.

To spread the word that practicing empathy is the most powerful action that we can take to ensure a sustainable, socially just and peaceful world.

To promote the growth and repair of the empathy centres of the human brain which allow loving relationships with people and the Earth.

To help people to release the emotional blocks caused by not having their emotional needs met.

To describe the research about the emotional needs of young children and how to meet those needs.

To spread the understanding that a strong empathic brain :

·is essential to relating in a loving way to ourselves and others

· assists us to contribute our unique and true creative work

· supports a healthy and harmonious relationship with nature

To promote the following understandings:

· That relating with understanding and kindness, to ourselves, children and other adults is the key to a sustainable environment, social justice and world peace for all humanity.

· That relating with appropriate forms of respect and kindness, and trust in the innate goodness and knowingness present in everyone, builds the capacity of the empathic brain of both giver and receiver.

· That appropriate forms of empathically relating to ourselves and others are able to be learned and practiced

· That to learn and practice the specific skills of treating ourselves and others with empathy is the greatest possible act of peace creation, and activism for a sustainable environment.

To promote the irrefutable research-based findings that:

· the capacity of the “empathic brain centres” is the key factor which allows people to relate to others with kindness and compassion.

· treating children with empathy builds the empathic capacity of the human brain, thus the ability to have healthy caring relationships with people and the earth

· authoritarian parenting does not meet the emotional growth needs of children and measurably stunts the growth of the empathic capacity

· adults whose empathic centres are stunted are more prone to addictions, rage and violence

· there is powerful connection between authoritarian and abusive parenting styles and the social ills of injustice, over-consumption, autocratic leaders and gullible followers, crime and violence, and disregard for and over exploitation of the environment.

· relating to babies and young children with respect and kindness, as a loving guide or helpful parent, and meeting their emotional needs, is the key to bringing up emotionally healthy people.

· meeting the psychological needs of human children has profoundly positive effects on society

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Comment by Alice Aird on February 4, 2009 at 4:01pm
Good point. Do you remember who said that?
Comment by Jane Ramsay on February 4, 2009 at 10:21am
Another writer says that addiction is inevitable if a persons Heart and Mind are not aligned and activating the centre of will-power. Empathy seems to be a lot to do with the heart-mind connection----that neurological connection.

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