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Robin Grille Interview: a Re-Inspiration about Parenting with Empathy to Change the World!

Hullo to all Empathy Foundation members,

I have been so moved this morning by listening to an interview that Robin Grille recently did with a philadelphia broadcaster, Amy Childs, that I wanted to ensure all EF people knew about it.

I really liked Amy Childs as well. Her introduction alone to the interview had me nearly in tears! She spoke about how much Parenting for a Peaceful World means to her and has changed her life, and said everything I would like to say myself but more eloquently! The interview relates to Robin's book 'Parenting for a Peaceful World', as well as to the upcoming USA edition of 'Heart to Heart Parenting' which will be published for the first time there in 2011.

This interview reminded of why I started the Empathy Foundation and has inspired me to make plans for more activity in 2011. For me 2010 has been a year of wonderful family events with a wedding and a second grandchild the biggest ones. Hearing Robin's message, about the importance of how we nurture young children for the future of humanity has affirmed for me that the time given to family, particularly when there are babies and toddlers around, is priceless for the whole human race, not just for my family.

In the interview Robin speaks powerfully and clearly about empathy as well. You might like to send this interview on to friends as a powerful short introduction to Robin's message and books. It's a great intro to talking about empathy and the EF too!

You can download or listen on line to Robin's interview for free. Here is the link to the recording via his blog:

Robin requests that we take a look around the blog and let him know our thoughts/feelings about it.

I would love to hear your thoughts after listening to the interview. Please add your comments!

Love to you all, Alice

Alice Aird
Newham, VIC, 3442
+ 61 3 5427 0156, Mob 0400 068 551

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