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Dear Alice,

Thanks for your warm comments and for the tip about Robin Grille. I will put in a link in my website to promote yours and his work.

My proposal for an initial transformation rests on three pillars, which will open the door for change activities throughout society, namely 1) the balancing of egocentric messages through company advertising, with empathic messages that promotes a long-term life-affirming society, 2) national information campaign and an organized popular movement concerning a new empathic social system 3) new core subject in school called “empathy”.

Thus, empathy in school is for me a very crucial factor. I have some youtube clips on LEARN that talk about this, for example Ken Robinson, Goldie Hawn, Carol Engler, Mary Gordon, Children full of life, and Raymond Mar.

If you like my website I will be happy if you spread the link.

All the best,

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