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The Empathy Project is evolving into The Empathy Foundation!

It’s time to tell you the latest about the progress of the Empathy Project.

The great news is that there is now a team of four of us in place to establish its new form: The Empathy Foundation.

We are currently writing a draft Charter and creating an initial structure which will allow us to launch the Empathy Foundation as an organisation.

Once the draft Charter is written it will be circulated widely to attract feedback and comment and help the foundation to evolve further.

Are you inspired to help set up the Empathy Foundation systems and administration?

One key goal of the EF is to become a first class online hub for resources related to empathy. People are already sending in their thoughts and references about empathy. There’s lots to do to get these systems in place and record the research in an accessible way.

We are seeking team members who are inspired by the Empathy Foundation vision and would be interested to donate their time and expertise to setting up the information systems and administration of the project.

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