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At 10:03am on April 10, 2020, J Pollard said…

Good Day,

How is everything with you, I picked interest on you after going through your short profile and deemed it necessary to write you immediately. I have something very vital to disclose to you, but I found it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site.Could you please get back to me on ( ) for the full details.
Have a nice day
Thanks God bless.

At 10:33am on June 3, 2011, Alice Aird said…

Yes we are very interested in knowing all the empathy curriculum tools out there and having them widely known and used and I'll suggest we join in your project. Sounds great and absolutely aligned with what the Empathy Foundation is about.

I would like to know how to search the culture of empathy site, if it's possible. cheers, Alice

At 1:02am on June 3, 2011, Alice Aird said…

Hi Edwin,

Do you know the work called Inner Bonding? I'm really impressed by what I see there ( and their focus on empathy. There's a program called SelfQuest which sounds amazing. I tried to find a way to search the culture of empathy site to see iif it was there. Can you search the site? lots of love, Alice

At 11:42pm on May 31, 2011, Alice Aird said…


I think we need to attract great communicators to this. What about a presentation like An Inconvenient Truth! That's the kind of thing that would put empathy on the lips of every household.

Most people don't realise that the empathy supporting structures of the human brain are the most precious and delicate "flowers" on earth. They also don't realise that human beings whose empathy structures have been corroded by abuse and total lack of empathy are the most dangerous creatures on the planet. An empathic person is incapable of unprovoked violence.You know all this but most people don't! So there is a call for a great education campaign!

It's wonderful what you've done already! 


cheers, Alice

At 11:40pm on May 31, 2011, Alice Aird said…

Hi Edwin, Yes there's a lot to do!

Something you might be interested in is the Collaborative Operating System (COS) of Rachel Conerly. I've learned about it through the True Purpoe Insitute where I've been studying Ture Purpose coaching for a year or so. It'sa wonderful community of change agents and teh COS is used cobstantly there by all the project groups. It's wonderful to expereince the easefulness and harmony combined with riogpour and great outcomes that result with thsi framework for diverse people to collaborate.


It's exciting that you're creating an empathy curriculum. We are planning to create some empathy curriculum too, so yes lets work together. We're digging deeper to see where the EF's specific purpose as an organization lies in greater clarity. The True Purpose process can be applied to organizations and I will be learning to do that. It involves consulting our 'trusted sources', which are whatever form of wisdom and guidance beyond the conscious mind that we each connect with.It's extraordinary what unfolds when a collective of people work together with the guidance of their trusted sources.

Also are you aware of 4 Years Go? I've had some connection but couldn't keep up with everything. Yet I feel that that is a forum for all change agents working in the same direction. It would be good for the empathy thread to be connected there too.

more on next  comment!
At 11:02pm on May 27, 2011, Alice Aird said…

Hi Edwin, We're already working with Robin Grille's Parenting Heart to Heart program and developing our own programs derived from his wonderful work. Do you know Robin's book Parenting for a Peaceful World? Robin was the one who got me going that empathy is what we need to focus on. We're interested in empathy fostering programs that effect how children are raised and taught and also how we treat each other at all ages, with the emphasis on understanding where our limiting beliefs and attitudes come from is early childhood mainly, so we emphasise the importance of the child in us all. When we understand childhood and how it affects us we have a much better chance of having empathy and understanding for everyone.


At the EF we're still forming our direction. At present we're working with a mentor who is a successful social entrepreneur and good at turning ideas into enterprises. Our idea is to seek philanthropic funding by making a great case for the expansion of empathy teaching/training/fostering programs to financiers who want to make a difference. There are more and more of them I'm told as empathy is growing!  Have you read the book The Empathic Civilization by Jeremy Rifkin?


Have you had any success with funding? How do you do what you do?


I'm so pleased that you're collecting so much about empathy. We had that as part of what we might do but I think we won't need to now - we can simply link to yours and add what we find to your site. Lets have one global portal for empathy information!

lets keep in touch,


At 7:34am on May 26, 2011, Anders Rosenberg said…
Yes, for sure, better get things done than worrying about the aesthetic form. Sorry I mentioned it here. If I can come up with constructive help I'll let you know. I've started to watch the Jewish Palestinian Living Room Dialogue on Empathy and noticed it's on Vimeo. I have a video there myself: The Dream of the Good at YBC It's a short documentary on a project going on in Swedish schools to facilitate developing empathy among other things (not NVC).
At 6:49am on May 26, 2011, Anders Rosenberg said…

Hello, Edwin,

Thanks for your friend invitation. I accepted promptly after having been to your website. My first impression was that it felt heavy to get oriented, because the layout looked massive and not very appealing. But I remained to discover its richness. I started by clicking on the Empathy Cafe Magazine, and found it to contain lots of great articles. Wonderful collection. A great resource. Thanks again!

At 5:52pm on May 25, 2011, Alice Aird said…
Lovely to have you connected with us here Edwin. Your work is amazing and I certainly look forward to exploring your site further. I would love to come to the conference and meet so many empathy minded people - maybe the next one will be possible. I wish you great things with it and will be adding links to your work here as soon as I can.  We are focused this year on clarifying our plans and seeking funding so we can promote and develop empathy programs. with love, Alice
At 4:22pm on May 23, 2011, Linda Rysenbry said…

Hi Edwin

Thanks for connecting - looks like you are creating a wonderful web of empathetic folk from all around the world. 

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